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Annual percentage rate (APR) is a term that many homebuyers can find confusing. Since home loans include both interest rate and APR, which are similar, it can be difficult to understand how each should be weighed in your mortgage search.

Unfortunately, when comparing VA loan offers from lenders, many veterans might unknowingly consider only interest rates instead of looking at APR as well. This could end up causing a veteran to choose a lender that seems like they have the best offer, but actually has a higher overall cost than another lender.

In this video, Eric Kandell, Low VA Rates president with almost 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, will go over APR and interest rates. He’ll also discuss how veterans can make sure they’re comparing the right things when looking for a VA loan, giving them tools to help find an offer that works best for their situation.

For more information on mortgage APR vs. interest, please check out our post:

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About Low VA Rates:

Low VA Rates is a VA-approved mortgage lender that was built out of a desire to help veterans access their VA home loan benefits. With over 10 years of experience specializing in the VA loan, you can trust the Low VA Rates team to help you find a mortgage with great rates and terms.


The $250 Low Rate Guarantee:

Here at Low VA Rates, our name is our promise, and we back it up with cold, hard cash. Right now, get $250 if we can’t beat another lender’s rate.

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This video is not intended for residents or homeowners in the states of WA, NY, or MA.

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