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Should you re-finance your mortgage while home loan rates are so low right now? That is the concern of this video and a question that a great deal of people have. All of us understand that rates of interest on home loans are at near historical lows and there’s the possible to conserve a lot of money if you have a home mortgage rate about, say, 5% or more right now. That said, it’s not constantly obvious if you need to re-finance your present home mortgage. For instance, if you’re 25 years into a thirty years repaired rate home loan, it probably does not make good sense to refi into another 30 year home loan, and even a 15 year home mortgage. In all possibility you must just accelerate your regular monthly payments at this point because that’s constantly an option to refinancing, which incurs closing costs.

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Should I Refinance My Home While Rate Of Interest Are Low?

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0:00 – Video Intro
0:43 – Overview of Refinancing
1:21 – Refinancing Choices
2:37 – The Correct Time to Refinance
4:53 – Final Thoughts

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