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This video answers “What is an FHA Mortgage or an FHA Loan” in a simple, kid-friendly way.
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The video addresses the topics below:
– What is an FHA Mortgage or an FHA loan
– What are the advantages of FHA loans
– Are there any disadvantages of FHA mortgages
– Who can qualify for an FHA loan / mortgage
– Is the interest rate on FHA mortgages fixed, or does it keep changing
– How long are FHA loans – what is their duration

Hope you like the video and stick around for more finance fun! And please let us know your thoughts (or a suggestion for a video) by leaving a comment!


What is Real Estate:

What is a Mortgage:

Mortgage Interest Rate: Fixed vs Floating:

What is Down Payment:

What is Foreclosure and How Can You Prevent it:

What is a Credit Report:

What is a Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage:


Introduction to Real Estate and Mortgage for Kids – Mortgage, Floating and Fixed Interest Etc.:

Key Personal Finance Terms for Kids:

Introduction to Borrowing and Loans for Kids:

Introduction to Finance for Kids – Earning, Saving, Investing, Compound Interest, Inflation, Net Worth, Emergency Fund:


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